The Best Music-Making Software List by Midistart

Music Software:

AnthemScore - convert any audio file into MIDI or Sheet Music. It uses a neural network trained on millions of data samples to achieve a relatively high level of accuracy (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Synthesia - play MIDI files on your synthesyzer/midi-keyboard (Windows/Mac)
Logic - music production (Mac)
Cubase - music production (Windows)
FL Studio - music production (Windows)
Reason - music production (Windows/Mac)
Ableton Live - music production (Windows/Mac)
Sony Acid - music production (Windows)
Native Instruments - instruments and effects for modern music production (Windows/Mac)
Finale - music composition and notation software (Windows/Mac)
Sibelius - music composition and notation software (Windows/Mac)
PhotoScore - scan music into Sibelius, then transpose and arrange it (Windows/Mac)
Musition - music theory training & tool (Windows/Mac)
Auralia - software for ear training and aural tests. Suitable for all levels (Windows/Mac)
Audacity - a free but powerful audio-file editor (Windows/Mac/Linux)
TruePianos - a program with great piano samples (Windows/Mac)
Pianoteq - high-quality virtual piano from Modartt, which requires only 25 MB of hard drive space. (Windows/Mac/Linux)
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