Radiorama - Aliens

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I see the Aliens - Aliens...
I see the Aliens - Aliens...
I see the...

People have to know,
'bout their coming in the sleep,
with their sticky faces and laser we're in danger...
Call the radio, everybody, can you feel,
with their alpha-rays and fires we're in danger.

If I can to tomorrow without them need a miracle,
flying to them on the try to reach out the aliens? sight,
waiting for them on the day where I feel they might be govern me,
they come for me and- it's no escape for me and say it...

Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh...
I say the Aliens - Aliens, what you're gonna do?

I say the Aliens, Aliens!
I say the Aliens - Aliens, what you're gonna do?
I say the Aliens, Aliens!
I say the Aliens, Aliens!

Are you near to us, needing perfect harmony,
inside our house is a know that we're in danger...
Nothing we can do, we're just looking to the moon,
They come from a world where their life is only destruction...

You take your love until before,
I'm gonna give any more,
Don't cry cause I can change your mind,
My name is out on the stone...

More and more incredible,
I am just invisible white...

Tags: Radiorama, Percussion, Electric Guitar (muted), Synth Bass 2, Guitar, Bass

Version: 1

Lyrics: 1

MIDI details

ID 79856630
Duration 00:04:56
MIDI type 1
Tempo 107
Key signature C Major
Key signature auto Unknown
Notes used (sin. oct.) 12
Notes used (mul. oct.) 67
Tracks 15
Group tracks 9
Total notes 12309
Octaves used 7
Lowest note E0
Highest note G#6
Single notes 488 (3.96%)
Multiple notes 11821 (96.04%)
Multiple group 2171
Multiple group avarage 5 notes
Multiple group max 23 notes
Repeat percent 87%
Notes heard 2659
Solo No
Percussion Yes
Valid MIDI No

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