The Beatles - Bad Boy

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A bad little kid moved into my neighborhood
He won't do nothing right just sitting down and looks so good
He don't want to go to school and learn to read and write
Just sits around the house and plays the rock and roll music all night
Well, he put some tacks on teachers' chair
Puts chewing gum in little girl's hair
Now, junior, behave yourself
Buys every rock and roll book on the magazine stand

Every dime that he get is lost to the jukebox man
Well he worries his teacher till at night she's ready to poop
From rocking and a-rolling spinning in a hula hoop

Well this rock and roll has got to stop
Junior's head is hard as rock
Now, junior, behave yourself
Gonna tell your mama you better do what she said

Get to the barber shop and get that hair cut off your head
Threw the canary and you fed it to the neighbor's cat
You gave the cocker spaniel a bath in mother's laundramat
Well, your mama's head has got to stop
Junior's head is hard as rock
Now, junior, behave yourself

Tags: The Beatles, Percussion, Electric Guitar (muted), Guitar

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MIDI details

ID 45104365
Duration 00:02:24
MIDI type 0
Tempo 134
Key signature C Major
Key signature auto Unknown
Notes used (sin. oct.) 11
Notes used (mul. oct.) 42
Tracks 6
Group tracks 5
Total notes 4213
Octaves used 6
Lowest note E1
Highest note F6
Single notes 572 (13.58%)
Multiple notes 3641 (86.42%)
Multiple group 551
Multiple group avarage 7 notes
Multiple group max 14 notes
Repeat percent 81%
Notes heard 1123
Solo No
Percussion Yes
Valid MIDI Yes

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