The Beatles - Hey Bulldog

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Sheepdog standing in the rain
Bullfrog doing it again
Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles
What makes you think you're something special when you smile?

Childlike, no one understands
Jack-knife in your sweaty hands
Some kind of innocence is measured out in years
You don't know what it's like to listen to your fears

You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
If you're lonely, you can talk to me

Big man (yeah?) walking in the park
Wigwam frightened of the dark
Some kind of solitude is measured out in you
You think you know me, but you haven't got a clue

You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
If you're lonely, you can talk to me

Hey, bulldog
Hey, bulldog
Hey, bulldog
Hey, bulldog

Paul: Hey, man.
John: What's that, boy?
Paul: Ruff!
John: What do you say?
Paul: I say, "Ruff!"
John: Do you know any more?
Paul: Wooow-aa!
John: Ah-ha-ha!
Paul: You got it! That's great! You hit it! That's it, man, whoo! That's it! You
got it!
Paul: Don't look at me, man: I already have ten children. Hoo!
John: Ah-ho! Ha-ha-ha aarrh ha-ha-ha!
Paul: Quiet, boy, quiet!
John: Okay.
Paul: Quiet!
Hey, bulldog
Hey, …

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ID 15220538
Duration 00:02:53
MIDI type 1
Tempo 100
Key signature C Major
Key signature auto Unknown
Notes used (sin. oct.) 12
Notes used (mul. oct.) 40
Tracks 7
Group tracks 6
Total notes 5689
Octaves used 5
Lowest note F#1
Highest note D5
Single notes 2381 (41.85%)
Multiple notes 3308 (58.15%)
Multiple group 1270
Multiple group avarage 3 notes
Multiple group max 7 notes
Repeat percent 92%
Notes heard 3651
Solo No
Percussion Yes
Valid MIDI Yes

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